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Thomas Sécurité Professional Guards Services

At Thomas Sécurité, we are known for exceptional all-encompassing security services in Haiti and when time calls for securing your assets and properties, we are the ONE to rely on for 24 hours 7 days guards servicing.

We don't just put up our dynamic super special guard squad at your premises but with our state of art equipment taking security one step further - we work to monitor every security service that our clients may have contracted us for. This helps to ensure that all hands are on deck and that no guard is off track or idle while we guarantee no-sleeping rule - keeping at alert all hours.

At Thomas Sécurité, we monitor our guards so that they are working round the clock like a military should, and this is easily achieved by installing our new innovative special force technology at client's premises. With this system guards will have to stay awake AND walk the perimeter of your property every so many hours. It operates wirelessly reading activities on all checkpoints installed at the premises. The reader device goes on to send us on-site details through GSM instantly to our control center. All discrepancies in patrol procedures will be quickly identified and appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken against agents who fail to comply with established procedures. We're able to provide full monthly service reports to our customers, which allows you to see what you're actually paying for.

We are well patronized for security services in Haiti because we have an enviable reputation for servicing, monitoring and full implementation.

We take pride for being the best, our service blended with this awesome security system is a unique revolutionary approach in handling security supervision and is a huge problem solver, both for us the security provider and as well as our clients. A secured home for every residents means the nation is secured in real terms.

We ensure adequate training for all of our guards for every client's explicit post orders.

We invest considerable time and resources into providing a quality service that you can trust and rely on, so you can feel confident knowing you're getting the best for the job.

Our service record has made us one of the best companies within these market segments! Security is a service that you cannot afford to cut corners with, so make sure to choose the best.

Trust and Quality is what differentiates us, and it's why we lead the security industry. No matter the circumstances, Thomas Sécurité S.A. will be there for you!

Professional Bodyguards Services

At Thomas Sécurité, we provide the best of Bodyguards services in Haiti and our workforce are known to be the best physically, mentally and socially. We have the most courteous bodyguards in the industry and highly experienced professionals that do the job with passion like it was their family affair.

Our professional bodyguards are also referred to as executive protection, or close personal protection, and though the titles differ, they are exactly identical in job description. When you contract us today to permit our able bodied combat ready with high sense for crisis management bodyguards in Haiti, you will be guaranteed total safety, protection and security.

We have committed professional bodyguards that are highly trained to protect public figures, such as Celebrities, Corporates, Politicians, VIPs, and Private Individuals and also those that may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of their employment, wealth, associations or geographical location.

In this field, only the experienced and most intelligent bodyguards make the difference and this is where Thomas Sécurité covers the track any day and anytime.

These professional bodyguards can fit into any of Thomas Sécurité client's security & safety demands and are available for short, mid and long term engagements and will further support in taking care of events, conferences, functions, public appearances, and will be available also for security during a vacation, social or business trip.

We achieve so much fulfilling every client's request and needs by providing a full range of discreet, personal and professional Executive Protection Services through techniques and tactics that are designed to avoid potential danger.

Executive protection professionals use different and unexpected driving, entry, and exit routes to try and avoid set patterns of movement. We adopt a hands-on, personal approach to every assignment so that we can ensure a customized solution that meets your exact needs and budget.

Consider us as a one-stop security & safety platform in Haiti with guarantee for top quality service and yet completely affordable pricing.

For folks and businesses with fast-tracked lifestyle and ventures, be it professional, private or joint reasons, Thomas Sécurité guarantees that her clients' security needs are managed without worries.

At Thomas Sécurité we continue to set milestones for professional bodyguard standards.

Special Event Security Services

At Thomas Sécurité, we provide special security services for events in Haiti whether small, big, basic or plush occasions.

We can handle any size of event since we have the requisite manpower and technology to take care of it no matter the magnitude.

It doesn't matter if the crowd is 10 or in its thousands such as obvious at school auditoriums and stadiums amongst others, we have the experience and 100% capability to make everyone stay & feel secured & safe.

We operate by working with your management team and event personnel's to appraise and identify potential threats that may likely pose as challenges and we quickly act to develop effective strategies to curtail them.

Thomas Sécurité security officials are ex office men & other professionals with various law enforcement agencies and with vast experience having executed and handled every category of event under the most severe conditions.

Events security is a specialized field and not every security firm understands its basics, but with us every client is guaranteed special service and treatment. Thomas Sécurité provides fully screened and highly trained personnel in Haiti that are completely experienced in the field of special events security.

We cover every event from political events to grand openings, celebrity events, gallery openings, and all types of events in Haiti. So for your political conventions, sports shows, awards and entertainment events, and business events, we will provide you unparalleled safety, security, and peace of mind.

We plan for every stage of your event - hence we focus on advance planning, threat assessment and problem avoidance. Count on our security event services in Haiti to help control your event's crowd with our special security squad that are wholly trained to be polite and professional, while yet guaranteeing the safety and security of event guests.

When our clients are satisfied, then we are happy!

Private Investigation Services

At Thomas Sécurité, we have been at it for several years servicing the needs of numerous law firms in both civil and criminal cases. We provide all types of consulting and private investigation services in Haiti for attorneys, insurance companies, financial investment firms and both large or small businesses. We have in our employ highly skilled detectives for the job and those with the ability to perform a wide variety of investigative and intelligence services to the highest peak of confidentially you deserve. We are a leader in the industry of investigative processes.

Apart from the highly skilled workforce we have here in Thomas Sécurité, we are on top of the game because we also employ the use of the best of state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

We work with every client to evaluate the current situation on ground, and then create strategic winning plans and actions to execute and produce required solutions to client's initial request for investigative services.

With all facility on ground and with the huge trust and dependability the people of Haiti holds for our security firm in this region, we provide cutting edge investigative solutions in spousal surveillance, background checks, employee investigations, amongst others; and all are done legally without obstruction or abuse of privilege.

At Thomas Sécurité, it doesn't matter if you are someone who has never used the services of a private investigator, or someone in law, or the business community, we will offer both a personal and professional touch that insures your safety & security needs are being served, helping you investigate matters so you have rest of mind.

Don't ever feel or imagine that your investigative request is unusual or be reluctant to even discuss it with a stranger, with us at Thomas Sécurité, be rest assured that we have heard everything in the book hence your confidentiality will be upheld, respected and protected at all times.

We truly know Haiti and her people like the back of our hand, thus we are your number one choice for private investigation services in Haiti with 100% guaranteed solution!

Business & Residential Camera Surveillance

We are Haiti's number one business and residential camera surveillance provider and we provide professional Security Camera surveillance services and state of the art technologies and equipment that cannot be matched anywhere else.

At Thomas Sécurité, we are aware that most clients in Haiti require top quality customer service and support and full security solution for their business or residential premises thusly we ensure they get it every step of the way. For your Close Personal Protection and Executive Protection in Haiti, we are the one every homeowner and business professionals count on for prompt service and effective solutions to camera surveillance in the district.

Our camera surveillance service helps you stay secured and safe as we help cover every nook and cranny spots and secret points monitored so that you are completely aware of the happenings and you are on top of every situation without being a victim of unexpected undesirable surprises that can hurt your business, assets or even loved ones.

With us, we value your life & properties so much and your 100% Security is Our Top Priority! And these services are highly cost-effective solutions for all your security system needs, and are real-time deliveries.

No space or environment is difficult for us to cover, even if it is to secure a whole community or nation with our camera surveillance services. Investing in home or business surveillance services and systems helps to secure your property, workforce and assets.

We specialize in providing security solutions making use of the most up to date in video surveillance technology and yet highly affordable. This will help to shield your business from robbery and employee theft and as well help to reduce business's insurance charges.

Now is the time, wake up and protect that which you value most with our business and residential camera surveillance services in Haiti today as it is suited to meet all your needs and add value to your quality of life.

Business & Residential Alarm Monitoring

At Thomas Sécurité, we provide the best and most innovative business and residential alarm monitoring system and service in Haiti and no one can match us in this regards thus the residents of Haiti depend on us with full trust to see to this need fully met & implemented in their premises.

With our alarm monitoring system and service Haiti, you are guaranteed absolute protection and security for your loved ones, and your assets.

Premises that are protected with our business and residential alarm monitoring security system are many more times less likely to be broken into than places without them.

Your home should feel safe for you and our alarm security systems in Haiti will help you achieve this and offer you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Your business will benefit so much from these systems as there would be unauthorized break-ins and fire incidences.

They will help place cautionary movements and control entrée to secure areas in your office.

And our quality alarm services and systems come at very competitive prices and very affordable since our mission is to secure every home and business in Haiti.

Electronic Surveillance

Obviously surveillance is one of the means offered in preventing or monitoring threats in businesses and homes.

Electronic Surveillance helps to cover various aspects of society and security, and it is a means for which monitoring a home, business, or individual is executed using state of art technologies and devices such as spying cameras, wiretapping, and other electronic, digital, and audio-visual means. It also involves other area such as tracking a vehicle on a computer or mobile phone.

Thomas Sécurité electronic surveillance provides the best of these security services which consist of e-mail tracking, internet surveillance, remote PC scrutiny, and other methods of monitoring a system for suspicious actions. And since mobile phone surveillance is also quickly becoming a more important tool as well for residential and commercial premises, Thomas Sécurité all of these for their clients.

Below are some of our electronic surveillance services

Mobile Phone Surveillance & GPS Tracking

Since almost everyone's activities centers around electronic devices, from mobile devices to tablets, they are highly essential when piloting an investigation.

Mobile Phone Surveillance is much close to also monitoring a person's PC activity, as it goes down to gathering information. Topographical location can easily be trailed and is tremendously helpful when determining where a subject may be. Hiring a firm that specializes in electronic surveillance can offer huge dividends in circumstances where mobile phones are involved. It helps to observe your spouse, kids or employees movements and activities such as:

  • Text Message Monitoring
  • Call Monitoring
  • Web & Social Media Monitoring
  • Messenger Logs
  • Contacts and Notes Monitoring

Vehicle Tracking Devices such as GPS vehicle trackers are priceless tools for monitoring either a single vehicle or an entire fleet of vehicles. This offers you real time up to the seconds speed and scene updates, and will comprise text or email alerts based on factors set in place for its operation. It delivers detailed reports revealing to you exactly where a car has been, where it's directed and how fast it's wayfaring.

Thomas Sécurité at is your one stop security firm in Haiti for all of your Electronic surveillance services at its best!