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Who We Are






Thomas Sécurité S.A. is a pioneer in the system of private security in Haiti. Thomas Sécurité S.A. became a company and developed by a young professional couple Kétely and Patrick Thomas made its debut since 1991. Unfortunately the husband, a former US military trained, passed away in 1996. After his death, his wife Kétely, a Haitian business woman assembled an international management team whose sole purpose was to insure that Thomas Sécurité S.A. continued to provide professional services that exceed the quality of known national and international security firms.

The company started with a staff of less 40 members offering professional services to the business sectors in the metropolitan area of Port-au-Prince. By 1996, Thomas Sécurité S.A. grew up and spread services in the surrounding areas of the capital city, extending now to numerous provincial cities as Cap-Haitian, Cayes, Gonaives, Saint Marc, Leogane, Cabaret, Hinche and others. In January 2003, Mrs Kétely Thomas became an active member of the “Association Professionnelle des Agences de Sécurité” (APAS) bringing the company Thomas Sécurité S.A. under the umbrella of the most valuable agencies in the country. For over 24 years, Thomas Sécurité S.A. has provided quality security solution to a tremendous line of clients nationally and as well as internationally into the country. Now, Thomas Sécurité S.A. has grown to over 800 (eight hundreds) officers with an administrative staff members capable of manning and performing in a vast array of security operations nationwide.

A few years went by to show capacity and excellence of professional work which captivated the attention of many competitors while setting the standards.

Security management and our agents are the heart of our success. Once selected, every staff member will successfully complete a specific position after going through an international training program implemented continuously by well-known instructors previously trained by neighbors and friends of the international community.

Having security available helps your workers feel safe, letting them focus on their job - they are more efficient, and provide better results.

Our customers serve as true advocates, helping us build our business, upon three primary concepts: Overall premium quality, the training of security agents to the professional level, and by delivering what has been promised to the Customers.

No matter the circumstances, Thomas Sécurité S.A. will be there for you!


Thomas Sécurité is dedicated to provide security in the area assets, as property, residence, and personal protection that exceeds the expectation of all our clients. We are commited to personalize security solutions to suit the needs of our clients whether their concern are residential or commercial, national or international, large or small. For that reason, we endeavor to maintain strict professional standards and an ethical code that are consistent with laws and standards regulations and laws in the country.

Our company favors a philosophy of teamwork, reciprocal understanding, and developing long-term business relationships are the cornerstones of our continuing growth.


It's simple, our vision is to deliver enhanced value to our customers as they continue to experience a truly differentiating professional security services that makes Thomas Sécurité S.A. a security company like no other.

Core Values of the Company

All of our actions, our words and our acts have a profound effect on our clients, Vendors and employees alike. Everything we do must be in the best interest of everyone.

Our success depend on our capacity to provide to our clients a quality service and always on time in order to give them the opportunity to choose us again as a security service provider.

Our employees will have the opportunity to maximize their capacity and will be compensated based upon their performance.

An excelent tradition since 1991.

We are dedicated to provide job security and a reliable working atmosphere to all of our employess.

Our success depend on the quality of our trained agents, and the diversity of our staff to respond to the need of our clients.

We support the communiteis in which we live and operate, we also focus on becoming a responsible company.